TJ, Avondale, Arizona

Mario and his team were brilliant to say the least. I have been trying to sell my property for a couple of years now and I have went through several realtors in doing so. When I got the card in the mail offering to buy my property, I was skeptical at first because I have played that game before with a few other companies and we couldn’t agree on a price. But with Mario and the company, I told them what I expected and what I needed and they delivered. Because of the holidays and availability of the tenants at the property, it took a little while longer to close, but they still delivered in roughly 30 days give or take. I am stress free and it feels good now. So, if you are looking to sell your property, then these guys are the way to go especially if you were in similar circumstances.

Theresa, Phoenix, Arizona

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this Thank you card to you!I have complete admiration and sincere appreciation for you and your excellent team!! I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the amazing job you guys done regarding the shortest sale on this earth, you are amazing!I also want to extend my Christmas Blessing to you and your family and wishing you a very Happy Holiday and successful New Year!

This testimonial is written in complete confidence for Gabriel Ostrovsky and his Team of Professionals. I was referred to Gabe by a business associate who had recently teamed up with Gabe to short-sale his home. He had great things to say, specifically how little time he had to invest, as Gabe’s team did everything and kept him apprised of where everything was at during the multi-month process. At the time, we were not ready to short-sale our condo, and so I actually referred him to a colleague. Gabe and his team successfully handled that short-sale which gave me even more confidence.When it was time for my short sale, it was the smoothest, most painless real estate transaction I’ve ever had in 13 years of buying, selling, renting and managing real estate investments. Since we had just relocated to Florida, my wife decided to short-sell her rental home as it had become a nuisance to manage from across the country.

Robert S, Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Mario…Thank you very much for your hassle free & speedy transactions. It was a pleasure working with you & I would & will highly recommend you. I sold my house “as is” & you made it a breeze. Thank you again.

With best regards…

Doug B - Phoenix, Arizona

Sean and his team (including those at Fidelity National Title) were on point with everything they said and did. All questions or concerns were addressed promptly and accurately. Timelines were all met or if more time was needed, it was coordinated ahead of time. This gave me the confidence that they were professional and trustworthy. So much so that I asked to be put on their buyers list so I may conduct future business with them. This transaction process gets a 10 out of 10 rating.

Bill, Phoenix, Arizona

Sean,It was a pleasure working with you. If I elect to sell other of our rental property, I will contact you. Could not believe how smooth, that the sale of the property went. I have told several of our friends, that have rental property, if they wanted to sell to contact you.

Phyllis Lupo, Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Gabe,
Our real estate transaction with your firm was definitely a positive experience, in fact, it was by far the easiest that we have ever done and we have bought and sold a number of properties!

Thank you!

George W, Phoenix, Arizona

I like to state that dealing with company and especially with Mario Simrod was a complete pleasure. I had special needs which they gladly filled even though it took a year to accomplish . I would recommend them as good and trustworthy.

Rev. J. Rhone
Denver, Colorado

I reached out to on December 3, 2014; on January 23, 2015, we closed on the property. The church I pastor in Denver, Colorado, had a residence we wanted to sell which was in need of extensive repairs. Instead of using a Realtor costing seven percent (7%) of the selling price, we decided to use Our experience with this Real Estate and Investment Group was very positive and highly professional. I would therefore recommend as an honorable and reputable group to do business with. In the end, our church was very pleased!

Tracey R, Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Gabe,

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. We really appreciate it. We signed yesterday and understand that the company is signing today and it will close today. Thanks for your help and I will certainly recommend you and your company to anyone with a property they are interested in selling without hassle of agents and time.

Enjoy your weekend.

B. Lantz, Scottsdale, Arizona

Sean and his team were great to work with, worked quickly to get our family a competitive price, and we were able to close swiftly and easily

Dennis H

Just a quick reply to say how we appreciate our house sale being such a quick and smooth transaction.You were pleasant and professional to work with. I would not hesitate to highly recommend you to anyone.We are looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it’s finished.

Kathy N, Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Sean & Greg,

I really enjoyed working with Cash 2 Sell Now. You guys made the process very easy and fast. The process was stress free which I really appreciated. I would recommend your business to others.

S. Ball, Los Angeles, California

I was contacted about purchasing on of my properties in Phoenix with the claim of paying market value with cash and closing within 14 days. I owned four properties. I decided to sell them one to see how things would go. I was only moderately optimistic because I’ve seen such claims before, but without delivering on the claims. I was pleased with the outcome. They paid above wholesale, closed within 14 days, delivered on every promise and proved their claims. I then proceeded to sell them the remaining three houses one-by-one. Each transaction was smooth and without disappointment. I highly recommend doing business with them. I wish I had more properties to sell them